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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Collaboration with Black Mountains Yoga

Dr Debbie Hartwell
black mountain yoga - Eleanor Lewis

Dr Debbie Hartwell and Eleanor Lewis (Black Mountains Yoga) share a passion for post-traumatic recovery and growth. With a combination of 30+ years helping people in the NHS, Local Authority, and community they decided to come together to combine their skills, knowledge and expertise to offer bespoke packages to individuals in and around South Wales.

Having both established successful independent practices, their holistic focus on recovery led to them referring an increasing number of clients to each other. Eleanor saw that people attending her trauma yoga sessions would benefit from further understanding and processing of their traumatic experiences whilst Debbie increasingly found that Eleanor’s expertise in somatic practices could help her clients if they became blocked in therapy due traumatic bodily memories.

It quickly became clear that their clients benefited from the joint approach. Debbie and Eleanor’s mutual interest fed off one another and they found themselves spending hours captivated in discussion around details of how to regulate the nervous system, sharing strategies that help with dissociation, and the latest research in how to heal trauma.

This passion and shared focus led to the natural next step of them collaborating on creating a bespoke package that let clients benefit from the joined-up approach from the very first session.

Learn more about Eleanor's work here

Trauma Package

Psychological assessment with Debbie (1 hour)
Assessment with Eleanor (1 hour)
Debbie and Eleanor meet to develop your plan £300

Follow on sessions – pay as you go:
Therapy session with Debbie (1 hour)
Therapy sessions with Eleanor (1 hour)
Debbie and Eleanor meet weekly to discuss and integrate your plan £180

Follow on sessions – block booking of 6 sessions:

Therapy session with Debbie (1 hour)
Therapy session with Eleanor (1 hour)
Debbie and Eleanor meet weekly to discuss and integrate your plan £900

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